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Women's Testimonies
Gwen Shamblin, founder of the Weigh Down Ministries
"This worship of food has robbed us of emotional stability, comfortable clothing, and many relationships. The solution that was introduced in The Weigh Down Diet is to trust God with the way He made our bodies. He has created the instincts of all animals, all infants, all children, all men, and all women with the ability to sense when they have eaten too much. Man-made rules have unplugged and confused this instinct to sense fullness and appropriate volume, and they have caused us to be greedier and to expect more self-indulgence than ever before. Dieting, which is the use of man-made rules, works only on making the food behave—not the heart of man. This is big!"
-excerpt from the Rise Above book


The following testimonies are real stories from real women who are free from dieting and man-made rules! Through applying the principles taught by Gwen Shamblin and the Weigh Down Ministries, these women have transferred a relationship with food over to a relationship with God and His Son Jesus Christ! Have Hope, you can do this too! Read on and see how God has restored physical bodies and spiritual hearts ... 

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