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Tony Adamo Testimony

Tony Adamo and familyI want to praise God for the second chance that I have been given to live a life for Him through His son Jesus Christ and the message and lessons I have learned in Weigh Down.  I used to get angry when any of MY sports teams lost (and all of them are long time underdogs); yell, curse, scream, tail-gate and speed the second I got behind the wheel of my car; think I knew more than anyone else around me; and wanted more of everything (money, food, electronics, cars, house, comic books, baseball cards, higher paying and easier job) because I deserved more since I was smarter than everyone else.

We purchased the Constant Encouragement Year 1 CDs and it completely changed my life.  In a two week period, I stopped having road rage, lost 10 pounds, stopped worrying about things I couldn’t control and did more to help my boss and my family and best of all I found a relationship with God that I had always wanted.  I looked in the mirror and saw the choices I was making and realized they weren’t lining up with what I was doing everyday.  The things that were important to me were not what I spent my time doing.  So I started changing myself to be the person God wanted me to be and focusing on the really important things by putting God first, spending time with my family, and helping my friends and neighbors. Instead of all that past non-sense, when I watch sports now, I enjoy spending time with my friends and appreciate the game when I get the time to watch; I haven’t had a speeding ticket in since before 2000 because I drive the speed limit, drive with an attitude where I think about putting the other driver first instead of myself and think about the example I am setting for my children whether they are in the car with me or not (ask my son about the “junk” in the road from when he was 3-1/2, he is almost 9 now); I listen more and talk less because other people really do know something; I gave up my manager’s job to become an employee and learn a new specialty, I have lost a total of 25 pounds, I got rid of all the electronic junk taking up space in my house/garage and don’t need to be the first person to own the latest gadget, I no longer have MY car-we have a minivan and a small SUV, I have a beautiful home across the street from church, I have sold the comic books and still have the baseball cards, but I am not out spending money on them every week especially since they take up so much room; and I have been blessed to spend more time with my wife and our 2 kids.

Weigh Down has taught me so much about what is really important: God! And seeking His approval by doing what He has asked us to do in return for creating us, and helping others by directing them back to Him. I give all Praise and Thanks to God, with assistance from Gwen Shamblin and the Weigh Down and Remnant Fellowship Ministries for giving me a second chance at having such a blessed and wonderful life!

Tony Adamo