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Tom Quinn Testimony

My name is Tom Quinn. I learned about Weigh Down first through my wife, Jennifer, who had taken a Weigh Down class early in our marriage (about 1998). The class drove her to make several positive changes in her own life; and sparked a desire to actively seek God’s will for our family! Still early in our walk, we felt led to pursue missionary service. After a two year contract period, God revealed that there was a great deal of sin left in our own hearts, as well as the church leadership of the many denominations we came in contact with. We realized that we could not trust our previous church’s leadership to guide us, nor our own hearts. In retrospect, we believe this rampant sin in the church was what God wanted us to see in the experience. During our transition out of full time missionary service, Jennifer began taking a WeighDown Advanced class, and I found myself listening to the home audios. At first, I was scared at the realization that I needed to FULLY repent of the sins I had continued to carry! Gwen’s powerful talks were packed full of convicting scriptures that proved I could no longer rely on a sacrament or ritual and proved that any kind of deliberate and intentional sin must be laid down! It was all there in the Bible. I’d read parts of it before, but never was I confronted with the requirement to stop sinful actions, nor given the tools and example to do so until that class! I continued to study through that class and our family started visiting the Remnant Fellowship Church around 2003. This was the first church I had witnessed where the members took this Christian-life very seriously; there was no room for a double-life (one for church and one for the rest of the week). I heard testimonies from several men who were putting the teaching into practice and seriously going for a pure, whole-hearted relationship with God. I wanted the same relationship!    

Since then, I have lost about 60 lbs and my health has improved tremendously. God has also cleaned up my heart and I have been able to lay down, never to return again, sins that had a hold on me for years. 
There has been much testing, refinement, and training and with that much restoration and many blessings. I’ve come to find that it is a daily walk, and that I cannot become complacent in seeking and obeying God's lead. Through repentance, God has allowed me to see the connection between my obedience to His ways and the blessings and peace with Him that comes with it.  I’m a very grateful man for the chance to change and for the new life God has given me.
Tom Quinn