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Tom Law Testimony


The Weigh Down program has made a bigger impact on my life than anything else I can think of. I first saw and tried the diet in the late 90’s. The concept made sense to me, “eat when you’re hungry, and stop when you’re full”. This sounded easy enough. I watched my wife have success with the program, so I tried it as well and dropped about 25 pounds. Unfortunately, that was all I got from the program. The weight came off quickly, and I never really understood the depth of what was being taught here. So, within about six months, all of my weight had returned. What I didn’t realize at the time however, is that I had been exposed to the TRUTH.

Over the next eight years, I probably tried ten different weight loss and exercise plans. All of them worked for a while, but nothing permanent. And I was disciplined! I would get up early and work out, drink the shakes, the ten glasses of water, measure my fiber, fat grams, carbohydrates, protein, take the vitamins, I did it all. But I couldn’t see myself living this way forever. And the entire time I am on these other programs, I am eating more food than I normally would have anyway, in order to get my “Protein and Carbs”. And while I am going through this, I kept remembering, “Eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full”.

In 2006, I watched my wife lose all of her weight on a Weigh Down Bible study...but something was different this time. It wasn’t just the weight that was gone. Her heart had changed and turned toward God in a way I had never seen before. And I couldn’t deny what I was seeing. So I began a Last Exodus class, and then a Weigh Down Advanced, and then Exodus from Strongholds. Throughout this process, I finally realized that this is not about my weight at all - It’s about my heart! Because I couldn’t just get up in the morning and not eat on my own will power. It took a total focus and commitment to wait on God. Sure I lost 45 pounds, but through this process I began to turn over other areas of my life to God in a way that I never had done before. I thought “if God can do this with my weight, what else can I give him?” I have been an avid church attendee and leader all of my life, teaching classes, serving on committees, I’ve done it all. But nothing has impacted and changed my life like this has. And so the changes began. I started turning to God in all areas. My weight has been off since 2006. And through this message of love and obedience to God, I have financial stability in a tough economy, a marriage of twenty-one years today that keeps getting stronger, and four teenagers who love God and are seeking His Will daily. To get to this point, I had to get out of myself, out of what the world says is OK, and into the will of God. Praise God for this message. It has changed me forever!

Tom Law