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Tanya Woolsey Testimony
Tanya WoolseyHello, my name is Tanya Woolsey and my total weight loss is 145lbs! Here is my story...

I first heard of Weigh Down in the spring of 2006. I was doing a different diet program at the time but not finding much success. I was around 250lbs and like most people in my position, I had tried almost every diet and exercise program known to man! I was usually on a diet and I could always lose 20lbs or so - only to gain it all back when I went off the diet. I worked-out constantly (6 days a week for an hour or an hour & half each day) but it always felt like such a chore that I hated my daily workouts. I also felt like a huge hypocrite because I went to school to be a registered nurse and I knew what all that extra weight was doing to my body - that it was going to lead me to an early grave!

I remember crying out to God saying that there has got to be a better way! I have been a Christian all my life but I always felt like I was an "all or nothing" type of person and when I was on a diet, God always took second place to the diet program. I was either on a diet and a miserable person to be around or not on a diet and absorbed in church activities like leading ladies bible studies or a youth group leader. I couldn't seem to do both a diet and church at the same time with the same degree of intensity. I remember thinking that there must be some way to combine both my passion for God and my need to lose weight at the same time. I thought to myself that there has got to be a Christian diet program somewhere out there so that God didn't have to take the back seat when I was dieting. I decided to research Christian diet programs on the Internet and the first program that popped up in my search was Weigh Down! I remember thinking I cannot afford to do another program. I had just bought some expensive exercise equipment and could not justify spending more money on something else. So I decided that if I could find the Weigh Down Diet book at the local used book store in the town I lived in, then I would take it as a sign from God and try the program. I lived in a town of 16000 people and I thought it would be a very unlikely that the book would be there in a small Canadian city. I walked into the used book store and - this still brings tears to my eyes when I think about it - there was the book, right there when I walked into the store. I had never felt God speak to me so clearly before and I was overjoyed as I bought the book and carried it home like it was treasure!

I read the first half of the book fairly quickly and I lost 9lbs in the first week that I did the program. I was stunned! I went to my weekly weigh-in at the facility where I was taking a well-known diet program (as I was still a paying member and wanted to get my money's worth) and they were all stunned too! The norm weight loss (if anyone lost any weight) was at most 2lbs per week. Everyone asked me what I did to lose the weight and I had to admit I was doing a different program.

A few weeks passed and I was doing great with WD - better than I had ever done on a program of ANY kind. But I had only read the first half of the book and so the message didn't fully sink in. I ended up getting pregnant after a few weeks on Weigh Down (ironically probably because I had lost weight) and because I was pregnant, I used that as a license to over-indulge and I decided to go off of Weigh Down and just eat however and whenever I wanted. I was "pregnant after all and I had to eat for two" but realistically I probably ate enough for 10 grown men!

After a rough pregnancy where I was in and out of the hospital and dealing with high blood pressure, proteinuria, a separating pelvis, and trying to parent my 2 year old, I had my daughter. When my daughter was a year old, I was at my highest weight ever! I was approaching 300lbs and I was scared! My scale only went up to 300lbs so I knew that it was only a matter of time before it surpassed that mark. I had forgotten all about WD and decided to try a drastic program I had seen advertised on TV that basically allowed me to eat only certain meats, certain fruits, and a variety of non-starchy veggies - no carbs, no sugar (except found in the food I was allowed to eat), no dairy, no salt and only limited meats and fruits. It also entailed a vigorous exercise program that left me feeling drained for the day. It was horrible!! I remember again crying out to God and praying for a way out and I remember in the midst of crying out to God - it felt like a whisper - I remember this little voice in my head whispering "remember that Weigh Down book? Remember how good you did on that? Why don't you try that again?". The voice that I heard in my head was so calm amidst the storm that was going on in my head that I just had to slow down and listen. Immediately I found the Weigh Down Diet book and decided to get myself in to a class this time. I didn't care how much it cost! I was ready!!

I signed up for a Weigh Down class and I remember it being amazing! I felt like my eyes were open finally for the first time in my life! I remember thinking - "this must be what it feels like to be born" because I felt like a whole new world was opened up to me right before my eyes! I was understanding scripture for the first time - things I had read my whole life just opened up to me with such clarity and understanding that it took my breath away at times. I lost around 30 lbs in that first class!

After the class was over, I gained a few pounds back so I decided before I slipped any further, that I would get myself in a class again. My sweet husband supported my effort throughout because not only did he see the weight loss but he also witnessed a change in me - a change for the better! No longer was I the manipulative (tears were my greatest weapon) housewife I used to be but I was becoming more joyful and more full of peace with each passing day!

After taking several Weigh Down classes, I found out about webcasting the Remnant Fellowship services. I felt priviledged to be able to webcast and I felt even more connected but at the same time I felt a longing in my heart to fellowship with the same like-minded people. I was still going to church at our local church but it was just not the same. People at church were definately noticing the changes in me - not just the weightloss but also my relationship with God. I was getting asked to take on more responsibility and more jobs at church but I was starting to feel drained and frustrated with the lack of zeal that I felt at church. It was definately not like the services I saw on the webcasts! I wanted to talk about God all the time and what He was doing in my life but it was hard to find positive people who wanted to reciprocate. My family and I were able to connect with others in a nearby city to where we lived. I thought that it was so cool that we were able to fellowship with people and connect with others who were like-minded because I had felt very alone doing the Weigh Down programs in the beginning.
Through this journey, God has removed 145lbs of excess weight off my body! The biggest advice I have for those out there doing Weigh Down is to stay connected! Stay in a class, get Truthstream, reach out to those in your class and just keep doing it. Fellowship with like-minded people is so important because it keeps you accountable and helps you to stay focused. The biggest mistake I ever did was get disconnected. My husband could always tell when I was in a class and when I was not because of the difference in how I responded to life's challenges. For me, staying connected to this ministry is what has made all the difference in losing the weight and keeping it off!
Tanya Woolsey
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