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Sue Willy Testimony

Sue WillyI found this message over 10 yrs ago weighing over 255 lbs. I had carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, lactose intolerance, plantar fasceiitis, and depression. I was unhappy with my marriage, I did not love my kids or my family nor did I have any true friends. Then I found a class called Exodus Out of Egypt. I started the class and lost over 65 lbs in the first two classes. I lost touch with the classes and went back to my old habits and started to gain back my weight and became even more depressed and eventually had more health problems, and then I found the Weigh Down Advanced class and my life changed all over again. The truth of this message came back to me: this had changed my relationship with God. I had to learn to change and I did. I put the principles into practice in my life and have lost a total of 115 lbs, my relationship with my husband is wonderful, I have a better relationship with my kids and I truly love them now. My plantar fasceiitis is gone, the back pain is better, carpal tunnel is better, I have no more depression, my lactose intolerance is gone and I have the best friends ever who truly love me. This message has given me the truth of what a true relationship with God is to be, like a Father to a Son, and a loving Father that is caring for us as we obey him. God has blessed my husband and me with healing of our marriage and health and we owe it all to Him and this truth through Weigh Down. Thank you Gwen for listening to the One True God and sharing this message with us.

Sue Willy