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Steve Smith Testimony

My name is Steve Smith, and I found the Weigh Down Ministries in February of 2002, and since that time I have lost 45 lbs.  It all started with my wife finding Weigh Down and dropping about 80 lbs,  I did notice the weight loss, but  honestly what grabbed my attention most  was her attitude change and how she treated me and every one else around her.  After mocking her one night on the way home from our favorite Mexican food restaurant ( in which I had just overeaten!), God got my attention by making me sick all weekend long. Amazingly I was better Monday morning just in time for work.  I sat down and talked with my wife that evening and knew it was all from God, then promptly signed up for a class to begin that Wednesday.  Weigh Down Advanced at that time was the answer to the wake up call I had received just days before.  For the first three weeks I dropped five pounds each week.  Then the weight loss slowed down a bit, and God began to reveal other areas in my life that needed attention such as greed, anger, lust, praise of man, and slander.  After fine-tuning all of these areas and getting those correct,  God finished up the last 30 lbs and a marriage that is based on God Almighty and serving His kingdom, not ourselves. Because of these changes we are like newlyweds again!! Even more has changed when we participated in the Breakthrough Series . I do not know where would I be without this class.  Through much prayer and introspection, other areas were revealed in my heart that where I had not been 100 % for God or had been idle.   This was most apparent at my job where I still found areas where I was lazy , complaining, or not all of the way under my boss’ authority. Changes in my heart and my actions were immediately made. Now even in a bad economy, I have been blessed with an awesome job, more responsibilities and even a raise. All of which I give all Glory to God!!

Steve Smith