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Stephanie Giles Testimony

Stephanie GilesMy journey to lose weight started as early as seventh grade. I remember stepping on the scale and weighing 150 lbs. I was devastated! I had always wanted to be thin, but I could never find the right program that worked for me. I tried EVERYTHING! I went as far as starving myself and lost 35 lbs in a month, only to put it back on and lots more! I tried programs like Weight Watchers, New Day Weight Management, phentermine, fiber pills (to make you “feel” full) and many more. I ate no sugar, low-fat, low carbs, drank tons of water– you name it, I tried it. In December 2000, I had my stomach stapled because that was going to be THE thing that was going to make me thin forever! God didn’t allow me to lose my weight by a man-made procedure.

It wasn’t until I was introduced to Weigh Down through a friend of mine that I was able to start losing the weight by eating in God’s perfect boundaries of hunger and fullness. I struggled at first because I had it in my mind that I already ate such small portions since I had my stomach stapled. God couldn’t possibly want me to eat less? In June 2007, I had my turning point that I was never going to look back and that God was going to be my everything! After years and years of dieting and trying every program, I was finally free to eat within God’s perfect boundaries of hunger and fullness and eat whatever my body was hungry for…even chocolate…and it worked. Through this message of truth, God has taken 145 pounds of greed from my body and He has given me a whole new life! I praise God for the truth through Weigh Down that has not only helped me to lose weight but it has also showed me, through Weigh Down Ministries, how to have a relationship with God through his son, Jesus Christ. I have learned how to be a better spouse, a better mom, a better employee and a true friend through having a whole-hearted relationship with THE God. I have been truly transformed from the inside and most obviously on the outside!

I am so excited for you to start your own journey of weight loss today! You CAN do this and it is so fun to see what God can do when you give your whole life over to loving Him first instead of the food.

Stephanie Giles