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Ron Dubois Testimony

In January of 2005, after crying out to God for help because of years of “secret lust” and feeling so hopeless of ever getting out, God answered me by sending a client's wife of mine to the door. I was living in East, Central Florida at that time and I worked my CPA practice out of my home office. This client insisted that his wife, Kim go to see me to discuss their taxes with me even though I had very little interaction with her over the years. We had never spoken about taxes before.  She appeared at my door not knowing why she was there and I hadn’t even recognized her as someone I had met before. This was a few days after I finally gave it up and asked God for direction. The church I had been attending every Wed evening and Sunday morning for the past 6 years didn’t help me figure out how to stop sinning. What I was doing was very wrong and there was no way I could confide it to anyone! I kept trying to stop on my own power but after only days or even hours, I would return to it. It never filled up my heart and only gave me very temporary pleasure followed by extreme guilt and loathing of myself. I was convinced I was the only one in this world with such a secret. This was a lie. Kim brought me a life giving message of TRUTH using the very same NIV Bible I was using in my previous church for the past 6 years. I was finally given the key to obedience and the “how to” get out of sin forever. She handed me two CDs with Gwen Shamblin talking about how to be pure before God and how to have a real relationship with him. It was like an angel had touched my eyes and opened them and God pulled me up out of the pit. It was all right there on those pages of the Bible but I had never really seen them before. I was finally shown how to live it out.

My life at that time was a wreck. I was a single Dad with 2 daughters, 10 and 15. I had been divorced by my wife of 17 years for 3 years at that time. I was very empty and very alone. I had been searching for “something” for many years. When my first daughter was born, I began my search for a church. I was raised in the Catholic Church but never felt anything there was right. I was strongly led by my Father’s words he had said many times while I was growing up. He told me your children had to know who Jesus Christ was and it would be my job to take them to church. I praise God for giving me children for that is why I even started searching and wanting answers!

My life has changed so much since then. I was given a chance to repent and change for God. I have been freed from control, lust, anger, malice, resentment, jealousy, depression over self-focus, and a lifetime of people pleasing. My children now have a relationship with God. They are obedient and loving in all they do including school and work. A huge desire of mine was fulfilled too which was to not lose my children to the world. They love to be with me, they honor their Mother the way they should, and they look to their authorities for wisdom. An extremely huge gift from God too was his mercy in allowing me to marry the most beautiful and Godly woman ever! God granted me this because my heart was changing for him! During the three years after a divorce I did not want, I tried many ways to meet someone special. I participated in speed dating, how desperate is that? I praise God he did not allow me to meet anyone at that time. I have to share too that after being shown this key to salvation and how to find God’s will, I still wanted to be married but for the first time I didn’t need to be married because I was full with God!

I Praise God for all the changes He has brought to my life - and it is all for His Glory.
Ron Dubois