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Rob Thatcher Testimony

My name is Rob Thatcher, a US Army veteran, husband and father that is a very different man after putting into practice God’s words first heard and felt through the Weigh Down Ministries. I grew up in church, and among other things believed that weight gain was natural the older I got, that lust and a wayward eye was something that men would be plagued with and was not sin unless “acted upon,” and to be a good father and husband was to simply meet the physical needs of his family. Prior to marriage I drank excessively and sought praise from others and measured my life based on worldly success. I had made a mess of my life. After marriage, we settled on attending a church more out of obligation than desire. We thought we needed to attend for the sake of our children, yet all the while knowing something was wrong. We became highly involved in church. We read Scripture, asked questions, and sought direction from our pastors. Questions were left unanswered and tolerance for sin around us and in us was passed off as normal. Something seemed out of place. We didn't realize that it was us that were out of place. I had gone to the total extreme on my drinking and abstained (all the time looking “down my nose” at others who did drink). My wife and I truthfully did not have friends outside of our own home. Friendly, yes… but to suggest we had friends, no. I learned of Weigh Down through my wife, LuAnn, who had struggled with weight most of her life. Through this amazing message, God has taken 65 pounds off of her body and continues to refine her beauty. She is friendly, not "catty," and loves her family. Prior to this message, she was a homebody and was not real crazy about our two children. I have lost a total of 42 pounds and realized I could not only say “no” to impure thoughts but also be set free, and needed to first lead my family to a relationship with God. I testify that I have been set free from a 20+ year lust driven and self-driven life, as well as from fear of man and of being out of control. I am now even-keeled and not easily angered. The excess pounds for both LuAnn and I have been off since 2002. Being obedient to God’s Word, along with finding a group of like-minded and God-fearing people, is what turned our family around. In all the years of attending "church," we have never before seen the transformed lives of people who love the Lord. I praise God for the blessings and the correction that He is pouring out on our family and the wonderful people we have met along the way. God has shown me how to be good father and husband, allowing my wife and I to train up godly (polite, friendly, serving) children. He continues to embolden me and my family to stand for Truth. In the spirit of my most favorite Weigh Down seminar, the Legend to the Treasure, this Weigh Down message is serving as our lighthouse, keeping us from running aground on the rocky shores, and is serving as a warning to other ships at sea. I have learned to seek God through the storms, through the testing, and through the still waters. That trinket-filled, bottomless treasure chest was thrown overboard. I now have a new treasure chest which is being filled with an eagerness for God’s Will to be done here on Earth, a purpose for life, a joy in waking up, a love for my wife and my children, surroundings for our children to flourish in, and something we never had before – smiling friends who seek God and His purpose. We now have a treasure beyond compare, which is exactly what I was longing for. In changing this family’s course, a life we always hoped was possible, is.

Rob Thatcher