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Patricia Nesler Testimony

Patricia Nesler
My mother told a story that when I was 9 months old I would start to cry if I could hear the spoon scrape against the bowl, because I knew it was almost empty. Whether or not this story is true, I do know that from a very early age I have had a deep root of greed for food! I don't remember EVER NOT being FOOD FOCUSED! School was torture for me because I was fat! I remember the pain like it was yesterday!

Along the way I picked many other IDOLS and SINS! When I began my first WD class I was close to 300 pounds, smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day, and spent 10 years in an ADULTEROUS relationship! I was angry, depressed, lazy and SELF-FOCUSED! I lost 40 pounds during the 1st WD series, stopped smoking and ended the relationship all at the same time, but the 40 pounds came back and I would become so EXHAUSTED. Starting my day with the best of INTENTIONS NOT to eat beyond what GOD said, but I was not surrounded by friends or church leaders that believed GREED for FOOD was A SIN!

After 2 reconstructive knee surgeries due to the extra weight, I was told my knees would probably ONLY hold up for 5 years and then would need full replacement. That was 7 years ago, and I stand at my job 10-12 hours a day and PRAISE GOD for NO KNEE PAIN or PROBLEMS!!!! I would most likely be close to death or want to be dead if I had continued on the broad road that I was on. Now I am on the straight and narrow path that LEADS to the WILL OF GOD AND THAT IS LIFE! When I took Weigh Down Advanced, my eyes were opened for the first time! Gwen was teaching us that we have been the GOD and NOT allowing GOD to be GOD! I left my church because it allowed its members to worship more than ONE god, and joined a group of people who DID LOVE THE ONLY TRUE GOD and SOUGHT OUT HIS WILL IN ALL AREAS OF THEIR LIVES!!!! I had never seen nor experienced such peace, joy, and LOVE! I would NEVER exchange this life for ALL THE FOOD, MONEY etc in the world! Praise GOD I have lost nearly 130 pounds, and am no longer lazy, and no longer have a need for antidepressants, diet pills, or cholesterol medicine. I PRAISE GOD and THANK all those PEOPLE who LAID DOWN SIN to PROVE TO ME, YOU CAN AND MUST BE WITHOUT SIN!!!! I LOVE GOD, HE ROCKS!!!!!!!

Patricia Nesler