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Misty Westebbe Testimony

I am so thankful for finding Weigh Down! The life I was living was miserable. I was 235 lbs, struggling with depression, filled with self-pity, hair pulling from anxiety, and didn't know how to have a relationship with God. I had tried every diet known, laxatives, throwing up my food and could never keep off the weight. After signing up for my first Weigh Down class, I started changing on the inside and my weight started melting off. I finally learned the truth that problem was not with the food at all, it was the greed in my heart! One year after starting Weigh Down, I have lost 100 lbs! The greed I had is gone, the depression is gone, the anxiety is gone, the self pity is gone!!! The person I was has been replaced with a new life focused completely on God's will, with a joyful child-like heart. Gwen Shamblin has taught me through Weigh Down to turn to God for everything! Now I can pass this on to my children and grandchildren! Praise God!!!

Misty Westebbe