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Testimonies from Men

"We all need someone and something to live for that is bigger than ourselves. We need Jesus Christ. No worldly pursuit—food, alcohol, tobacco, antidepressants, money, the praise of man, sexual lust, or whatever—will satisfy the longing heart. It is not the fault of the food, the alcohol, the money, or the tobacco. It is the effort to use them to fulfill a need that only God can satisfy that is the problem. A person who eats beyond what the body is physically calling for is bound for being overweight. A person who pursues an overindulgence of alcohol, cigarettes, shopping, or power will inevitably suffer the consequences of greed."  - excerpt taken from the Rise Above book
The following testimonies are real stories from real men who are no longer trying to fill themselves with worldly pursuits! Through applying the principles taught by Gwen Shamblin and the Weigh Down Ministries, these men are pursuing righteousness and holiness before God! Have Hope, you can do this too! Read on and see how God has restored their lives ...