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Matt Weaver Testimony

Matt & Monica Weaver
Through this message of truly following Christ’s footsteps, I have laid down greed for food and money, pride, the want to please men and not God, and extreme self focus. I was never taught to please God with my actions and was told that this was the only way to live life: without hope. If you study God’s Word, you will see that you have examples to follow to the highest degree. Their lives prove that the life we are living is not only attainable, but must be done to live life abundantly and eternally. Praise be to the Almighty God for giving back to us much more than what we gave back to Him. When repented of my want to please men, he gave me joy overflowing. When I repented of my greed for food, he took 55 lbs. off my body and a healthy lifestyle. When I repented of spending His money unwisely, he allowed me to pay off $7500 in credit card debt, gave a clean credit score, to pay off over $29,000 in student loans and the means to provide for my family. When I choose to get my mind off of myself and onto His wants and desires, He gave me a peace that passes all understanding. These are not hollow words, but words of life—abundant life. Come taste and see that the Lord is good. May God, and God alone, be glorified through those that have chosen His ways over their own. Praise God!!!!

Matt Weaver