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Mark Hayden Testimony

My name is Mark Hayden. I started doing Weigh Down in 1997. My wife Deah was starting a class at home and I decided to do it with her because I felt like she could lose a little weight and maybe this would make her happy and my life a lot easier.

When we started I didn't have much interest because I felt like I didn't have much weight to lose, maybe 5 or lbs. at the most. But in reality I had been gaining about 2 lbs. a year which sounds small but over time 2 lbs. a year can turn into 4 a year and so on and so on, and in 20 years, well you get the picture.

Then as the classes went on, I really started to apply the principles and I almost immediately started losing weight. So the more I lost, the more I listened to what Gwen was teaching and I started getting very convicted about other things in my life such as anger, greed of money, lust and desires that I knew were not in God's boundaries; and one strongholdthat I carried with me through my teenage years that was over drinking on a regular basis. I felt like I could justify my behavior because everybody else was doing these things and they, like me, seemed to be fine with it, although they, and me, were truthfully hurting on the inside. So as the weight came off, I started laying down these other things and I started a true relationship with God and his son Jesus. Since that time my life has changed so dramatically. I have lost a total of 30 lbs. and have kept ot off for these past 12 or so years. I also totally quit drinking through this teaching and now I am able to have an occasional beer or glass of wine and know how to stay in God's boundaries and not just with alcohol but everything, food, anger, sexual desires, money, etc. My relationship with our 3 children (ages 16, 9, and 7). We have a relationship with the one true GOD and His son Jesus Christ, and peace in our hearts and in our home and it is all due to the TRUTH being taught through this message and it starts with the basic principle of "Hunger and Fullness". There was a time during those 12 years when I drifted away from this basic principle because I got prideful and started thinking that I was something that I was not, and as the weight started coming back on so did all the idols previously in my life. So I know without a doubt in my mind that this is the TRUTH to permanent weight loss and all other strongholds and it is the path to an awesome relationship with GOD!