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Luke Higgins Testimony

I just wanted to give thanks to God for the amazing blessings He has given over the years since I found this teaching and put it into practice! Before I found the teachings of Weigh Down Ministries and the Remnant Fellowship Church, I was a very shy, introverted and prideful man. As a result, I was fired from my job in my early twenties, completely hopeless of purpose in life and miserable. That is not the case now! After applying these teachings, which are foundational Christian values, God has blessed my work with favor from my bosses and promotions. God has blessed me with a beautiful wife and kids, a peaceful and pleasant home, godly friends and most importantly, Hope! Hope for today and the future. I attribute every good thing in my life to God and the laying down of sins - things I was pursuing that never gave back anything. I thank God for speaking through Gwen Shamblin; she shared of her own relationship with God and has taught my family and I how to find Him and develop personal relationships with Him!

Luke Higgins