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Lora Pace Testimony

My grandfather was a preacher for as long as I can remember and he always told us to "stop playing church"!  He was right! I always felt that something was missing but could never really put my finger on it. I was the music director and Sunday school director for our little church of around 35 members. I was very involved in all the workings of the church. At the same time though, I was overweight and miserable from that plus my marriage of almost 20 years was "on the rocks". I couldn’t take anymore of him and looking back on it, I bet he was ready to be done with me. I was a very angry, controlling person. I decided to go shopping one day at the local Bible book store. at this point, I had given up on diets. I had tried everything - pills, diet, exercise, you name it except surgery. I was always losing weight but then gaining twice as much in the end! I was miserable and I am sure, miserable to be around. The bookstore had a clearance table set up with a lot of merchandise that was on sale for one dollar! I found a tape called "Rise Above". I thought to myself, “Its one dollar, what have I got to lose?” So I bought the tape. I listened to it and found myself feeling like I could do this. It seemed so right and just made so much sense. From there, I  went online to find a class. I signed up and from the very first week, I started to lose weight. I absolutely loved it! I just did what I was told to do and I lost weight! It took me about a year to lose all my weight (about 100 pounds) and I have maintained that weight loss since 2001. More than just that, my marriage has totally changed! I spent my entire marriage before Weigh Down trying to fix my husband. Weigh Down taught me that I needed to fix my own heart and to love and respect my husband. I am so grateful to God for sending Weigh Down into my life. I get to live everyday just focusing on what God wants and my life is a lot less complicated. My grandfather would be so happy to know that there is someone out there taking God’s word seriously. I never knew before Weigh Down how to actually apply God’s Word to my life. Thank you, Gwen Shamblin and the Weigh Down Ministries, again for pointing me straight up to God! 

Lora Pace