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Lonzo Herron Testimony

Lonzo Herron
In 1999 my wife took a Weigh Down class. It was an Exodus out of Egypt class. As the weeks went on she would come home and share with me what she learned and I would do it. We lost weight and got closer to each other, life was good and we were extremely happy. After the class, as time went on, we put the weight back on, we drifted farther apart and were miserable.

We tried some things to make life better, but nothing has brought joy and peace like living out this walk of obedience to God. My wife and I did not realize at the time that a relationship with God was what Gwen trough Weigh Down was teaching us to do. As it was I was 50 lbs overweight, smoked about a pack and a half a day and was always angry. Not just upset, but real anger the kind that people can tell you are angry about something just by looking at you. I tried taking Zoloft and Prozac to help me control my anger. I would spend hours on the computer visiting pornographic sites. I was the type of person who would bend over backwards to do something for you but always wanted and expected something in return. Usually a pat on the back or I felt I deserved a thank you for being nice. Not to mention my finances were a wreck. I had 3 major credit cards and all of them were about maxed out--mostly with trips out to dinner. Four years later in the fall of 2003 we were ready to get a divorce. We sat there talking and agreed that the only time we were ever happy was when we were in the Weigh Down class. My wife found a class in our area, we did not have money in the bank to take a class, but she post dated a check anyhow and got us signed up. God provided the money to clear the check by the way! And we have never been the same. By applying these biblical teachings, of mere Christianity, I have lost 50 lbs, quit smoking, I am in control of my emotions and do not need or desire chemicals to control me, and I no longer visit pornographic sites or look to fill my mind or my day with that stuff, which was huge to begin rebuilding the relationship with my wife. We will not divorce. Our finances are being restored as well. We are in less debt now than we were when we first got married and it is going down.

Now we love each other, we work together to teach this way of life to our daughter and she is living it out too! We worship God wholeheartedly and look forward to being around like-minded believers that encourage us in that direction! I am a changed man and even different from whom I was 2 months ago. I continue in this everyday and want it more and more. I have learned simply to exchange the way I have done things all my life and do things the way God wants them done. A simple transfer of focus. I am not an emotionless robot either, I am simply self controlled, a fruit of the Holy Spirit of God! I encourage you that you can do this! Taste and see that God is good, lay down your pride and obey Him; and he will show himself to you!

Lonzo Herron