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Lisa Roth Testimony

Lisa RothI spent the first 42 years of my life in pain, physically and mentally, and I ate too much food trying to numb this pain. I eventually reached close to 230 pounds, wore a size 22-going-on-24, and had numerous health problems.   I had stomach and intestinal conditions, esophagitis, dangerously high blood pressure, and nausea every day.   I had sleep disorders and nerve function disorders, my back hurt more often than not, and I received counseling for anxiety and depression. I needed daily shots and a bag full of medications. I went to several specialists and three major medical centers for diagnosis and treatment, not knowing why I was so sick or that it had everything to do with my steadily climbing weight. I had every medical test imaginable and was diagnosed with some serious diseases. Doctors said that if this “disease process” continued to progress, that I could end up being fed solely by a feeding tube in the future. I now know that my illness was a consequence of my own actions. I was destroying my body from overeating, which led to major health problems, which led to anxiety and depression.

I am not that person anymore!   Thanks to the Weigh Down Ministries, I lost 110 pounds and a bag FULL of medicine! I am happy to be alive and live each new day.   After praying to God to help me find the way out of my pain, I found the Weigh Down Diet book in a local bookstore, and the rest is history! The Weigh Down Workshop taught me to go to God, the source of everything, for everything I need.   I learned that food is just food. It can’t change even one circumstance. It can’t help you with anything, but God CAN and WILL.   He also is the only one who can take away your desire to eat when you are not truly hungry! I discovered through this program that His way of eating will bring anyone to their perfect size -- automatically. I have permanently lost more than 100 pounds and now wear a size 4.   Through the videos I learned that I did not have to eat “diet foods”, but could eat all of my favorite foods, including pizza, ice cream, french fries and cheesecake – but without greed for more than my body actually needs. It is so FUN to eat when I'm hungry and stop when I've had just enough!   Having been told by doctors that I would need medications and antidepressants for life, I no longer take any because I no longer need any -- I am now physically healthy, and have peace and joy in my life!
Many areas of my life and my family’s lives have changed and continue to change because of this ministry. We stay surrounded by the materials put out by the Weigh Down Ministries, because we need them to stay grounded daily – our favorites are Rise Above, the “Constant Encouragement Series,” the “Change Series,” “Weigh Down Advanced,”  and “Breakthrough.”  We love honoring and submitting to parents, teachers, husbands, employers, godly spiritual leaders and all authority, as this is submitting to and honoring God (Romans 13). It is the most exciting thing when we pray and then God answers our silliest and also our most serious prayers, because of this incredible relationship where we are now “under” His commands! We are FREE to eat when we are hungry and stop when we are satisfied! We are FREE to honor authority and to do what they ask. We are FREE not to think about our own needs more than others or have anger or other harmful thoughts -- but to think pure, holy, noble thoughts, and to think about God and His Kingdom! THIS truly IS freedom and salvation! We now know the God who feeds us with cheesecake, who fixes our hair, dresses us and finds our keys, who gets us to work on time, who coordinates our finances and schedules, and who LOVES to take care of His children. He is an AWESOME, PERFECT, and INCREDIBLE GOD! I did not have a “disease,” but I was addicted to the wrong thing! Your life can change too!
Lisa Roth