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Julie Stephens Testimony

Julie StephensGrowing up I was always a little “chubby” and can remember just feeling somewhat out of place because I wasn’t the typical cute “little” girl. However, as I neared high school I started to thin out some and even made the varsity cheerleading squad. I was never fat in high school but I was always somewhat fuller than my friends. I made it through collage with some weight ups and downs and met the man of my dreams two months after my college graduation. We got married in April of 1994 and to be honest I don’t really know what happened but my weight just started to seriously climb. I tried EVERYTHING to loose the weight…nutra system (I just cried when I tasted the food), slim fast, cabbage soup diet, herbalife, excessive exercise, the Dr’s clinic and even the life threatening phen phen pills, just to name a few things. Nothing worked; I couldn’t lose the weight so I tried to cover it up by buying very expensive large sized clothing, which only created another problem of large credit card debt. As I neared the 300-pound mark, my feet, neck and back hurt all the time, I “thought” I had heel spurs and went to the chiropractor constantly to try and ease the pain for even a few days. I began to hate what I had become more and more and really just couldn’t understand how my husband wasn’t just completely disgusted with my body. As if the weight wasn’t enough my attitude was even worse. I was miserable and I guess I thought he should be to. I was so mean and hateful to him it is nothing short of a miracle that he is even still around. To top it all off, we were going to try to have a baby and I could not get pregnant. My fertility doctor said it would probably help a lot if I lost some weight but I just could not do it. After four years of trying and lots of money spent I finally got pregnant and had a son. Not quite a year after my son was born, my husband won a trip to Las Vegas. I remember on the flight how I couldn’t really fit into the airplane seat and how embarrassing that was. We also went to a show at the Thomas and Mack Center and I was so squished into the seat that I had bruises on my legs from the arms of the chair.

Finally I decided enough was enough, this was not the kind of mother I wanted to be. I was not going to pass on my bad habits to my son. I had heard of Weigh Down years ago and I started searching out a class. There were not any classes in my area so I signed up for an online class. Once I started turning to God instead of the food, shopping etc. the weight came off. Of course I was eating much less, I would not have been overweight if I hadn’t been eating too much. Also, I did not do any exercising other than running to God. Moving forward…I am 155 pounds down, I have No debt, no more pain in my feet, neck and back, no heel spurs!, no more trips to the chiropractor, my marriage is awesome, my attitude is great, I have SO MUCH PEACE! and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for my family and me in the future!
Julie Stephens