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Jonathan Barker Testimony

I had the job, the car, the money, the friends and girlfriends- all a man needs right? What I had were idols on top of idols- and I thought that I was the best person I had ever known! I had gone to random churches since 1999 to try and find something to fill that hole in my heart.  My own agenda became more important than anything else. I woke up every morning and sought my own desires, and it kept taking more and more to please me.  More drinks, more girls, more money- more of everything the world thinks is important. Anything that took me away from my idols (eating, drinking, girls, sports, cars, work, money and myself) for even an hour was too much of a bother. I was introduced to Weigh Down in 2006 while living in Colorado. Gwen Shamblin spoke about looking inward and changing (I had looked inward before, but just long enough to tell myself I was better off than the rest of the people I knew). Prior to this message of truth, I could never find a church that would tell me I needed to change. I thought the concept was so foreign, I mean it sounded great but who could really do it? I started to put about 10% of what I was learning into practice and I could see results. I did not think I had any weight to lose, but I lost about 15 pounds in the Exodus Change class. I could finally see the truth. God has rewarded me a 100 miles for every inch of faith and obedience I have given him ever since the decision to change. I took Weigh Down Advanced and brought my total weight loss to 55 pounds (I am 5’8” and I weighed 208 at one time and now I weigh 145- and I didn’t think I had any weight to lose!!!!!) My food tastes better because I only eat when I am hungry. Alcohol tastes great because I don’t drink too much or too often. God has given me nice possessions like a new car because I know his acceptance is all that matters- not the praise or acceptance of man. Remnant Fellowship teaches the real truth about God in a world where God’s truth is hard to find. I Praise GOD for His truth!!!!!!!


Jonathan Barker