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Jayne Dubois Testimony

Jayne Dubois

At age 12, my pediatrician prescribed my first diet. I had been overweight since age 5. I recall being called names like, “fat-so” “chubby” “blimp” by schoolmates. I felt alone, ugly and hopeless. My best friend was food. At 12, I started the ‘diet’ prescribed by my doctor because she diagnosed me as “morbidly obese”…this term hurt even more than all the others. “Morbid obesity” was a ‘disease’ for which I could find no cure because it was “in my genes.”  I spent the next 20+ years blindly searching for a way out of my prison and pain. Weight Watchers, Nutri-System, dexatrim, very low-calorie diets, (unused) gym memberships, Acutrim, appetite suppressant candies, calorie-counting, weighing/measuring fat grams, carbs..…you name it, I tried it---many times. Rarely did I actually lose weight on these diets, but if I did--I quickly gained the weight back and typically gained MORE than I had lost. A vicious cycle: talk myself into doing my next ‘Monday diet,’ lose a few pounds over the course of a couple weeks, get discouraged because the diet was so harsh, unpleasant and all I could think about was what I could NOT eat on the ‘diet’, give up the diet, binge on my favorite comfort foods and then quickly regain weight. I often dreamt that I would someday be able to afford a more radical option like gastric bypass.  I was hopeless, deeply depressed, bordering on suicidal, increasingly angry, resigned, and resentful that I would never be thin….over time, I became defiant, outspoken and ‘proud’ in my self-protective wall of fat.

On January 23, 1995 I walked into my first Weigh Down Workshop. “Why not?” I thought to myself. I had tried most everything else out there. Why not, “try GOD.”   My skeptical and defiant attitude when I walked into the Orientation was one of: “let’s see what this ‘GOD’ diet has to offer…prove it….” not realizing that my whole life was about to radically and permanently change….I heard things like, “You are not a failure..” “diets will never work..” “eat only regular foods..” What? NO dieting? NO special foods? and I am not a failure? WOW. Revolutionary. The Weigh Down orientation was my first glimpse of HOPE.

I lost 80+ pounds within first 18 months of participating in Weigh Down. I was THRILLED!! AND the weight stayed OFF. By 2001 another radical change--Weigh Down Advanced. I couldn’t sign up fast enough. I lost MORE weight, and altogether down 100+ pounds.  In total I have lost 110+ pounds and the weight has stayed OFF (nearly 16 years) since I found a relationship with GOD and Christ through Weigh Down teachings. I am NOT “morbidly obese.”  I am no longer in love with food. Even with gaining 70 pounds during pregnancy, by applying the Weigh Down teachings, I lost 76 pounds in less than a year after giving birth!!

 I also “lost” anger, resentment, depression, pride, anti-authority attitude, self-protection, a deep stronghold of procrastination, career/selfish ambition. I cannot remember the last time I felt ‘depressed’, ‘self-focused’ ‘self-pitying’; nor the last time I projected on and blamed others.  I no longer abuse credit cards, over shop, slander or complain about my bosses. I am not ‘out for number one’ in the workplace but rather  I WANT to be the best, most respectful, loyal employee to my bosses as well as the most loving, submissive, honoring and respectful wife. I am not preoccupied with food, lust for food, and therefore no longer preoccupied with dieting.  I can’t remember ‘how to diet’!! Praise GOD. I am free from GREED and slavery to food/fat, slavery to SELF.

Weigh Down IS revolutionary. There is GREAT HOPE. Do not delay, do not procrastinate, never give up and dive in NOW.  GO ALL IN with Weigh Down teachings. If you carefully apply what you are taught in Weigh Down, YOU will be set free from dieting….FOREVER… May GOD receive all the GLORY, PRAISE and CREDIT. No diet can compete or outperform the GOD-anointed and inspired lessons in Weigh Down. Go for it!!

Jayne Dubois