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Jacqueline Karima Testimony

"Unbelievable!" is the word I use to describe Weigh Down Ministry. The moment I heard the principles of this weight loss program in July 2009, I thought to myself “This is it! This is the answer that I have been searching for my whole life!" After reading the books and participating in a class, I finally understood what I was doing to myself, and this program gave me the simple and clear directions on how to get out of years and years of overweight and the endless pursuit of trying to fill my heart with food. 

Starting this journey was the BEST decision of my life!! Prior to this, I was over 200lbs and miserable; I started believing that there was nothing that I could do to really change, that I needed to just accept the extra weight. Thankfully, I was given the Rise Above book by Gwen Shamblin and that started my journey! My eyes had been opened to what was really in my heart. I was taught how to have a relationship with God and how beautiful life is when you go to Him for everything - instead of going to the food for comfort. In just a few months I dropped 50lbs. Before finding Weigh Down, I had tried numerous diet which were always so expensive to stay on, but with Weigh Down I was eating within the boundaries of hunger and fullness and I not only lost more weight than I ever had in my life, I wasn’t spending all that money on all that old tasteless  diet food! The most amazing thing is that the weight is STILL OFF.  I have transferred my old love affair with food, and I’m now filling up my life with loving God and looking for ways that I can serve Him!
My heart is so full of joy, peace, love and purpose!!
Jacqueline Karima