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Jackie Shepherd Testimony

In March 2007, the night before I had to go through a major surgery, I decided that I needed a self-improvement plan while I was home recovering. I was glancing through a women's magazine, featuring women and their weight loss. As I have tried several weight loss plans, with temporary or limited success, I was interested in learning more about a faith-based plan. I decided to see how God could help me. I now believe that finding this article was not a coincidence.

I called the Weigh Down 800 number, signed up for a class and started the program.  I have since permanently lost 60 pounds - eating regular foods and no longer dieting! I have also become less self-centered and have a more natural love for others. And the best part of all, my relationship with God continues to grow in abundant love every day! I know that the class video lessons, reinforcement materials and the accountability/support with the Weigh Down staff has been a big part of helping me make these life changes.

Losing my weight and growing closer to God has filled my life with inexpressible joy and daily blessings! All praise and glory to God and His beautiful Son, Jesus Christ!

Jackie Shepherd