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Durville Patton Testimony

I want to thank God for allowing the truth to be exposed to my deceitful heart through the Weigh Down Ministries. As a young ex-college basketball player who never had a weight problem, through this program, I was exposed to the other greed(s) in my life. Greed for food was one stronghold in my life (I lost 25 pounds), sadly I had many more "greeds" that were exposed. it was a greed to be praised by man (pride). It was a greed to lust after women in my heart and actions(pornography and sexual immorality). It was a greed to be right and to fight no matter who I encountered(fits of rage, judgementalist, legalism, pride). It was a greed to not have self control throughout my day(drunkenness, drug use, bankruptcy, gossip, evil thoughts). It was a greed to continue to deliberately sin against GOD so that the "Blood" of Jesus would cover my intentional sins (later revealed to me as false grace). It was a greed to be disrespectful to all of my bosses/parents/teachers/police officers/preachers etc. (lack of submission). It was a greed to lie to get my way hourly (falsehood). It was a greed to take things that were not mine (adultery, burglary, credit card/check schemes). It was a greed to yell and cuss whenever I felt the need to (filthy language, anger). It was a greed to run from my responsibilities (abortions, pointing the finger, complacency). It was a greed to be selfish and to have selfish ambitions to glorify myself (self focused). It was a greed to make fun of people daily (form of prejudice). It was a greed to manipulate anyone who would fall for it (Satan driven tongue).

As you can tell I was overweight, in sin, and all the while in the church faithfully proclaiming Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Do the math. I was headed to hell with my self righteous attitude of knowing no matter what I did on earth and in my heart, I would get to go to Heaven. The Weigh Down message of loving God more than anything has set my heart free and has given my mind a cleansing I never thought was possible. This message showed me how true disciples of Christ are to live on a daily basis. This is the only place I have found teaching repentance is the form of showing God how much you love him. All of my life… church after church would emphasize how much God loved me….and rightfully so….but did I love GOD? By my lifestyle - no I did not. In learning how to give up the "old overweight me" through this message, God has come back in and given me a true relationship with Jesus, a marriage of true love and devotion unto God, an incredible son and daughter to raise to serve God, a pure heart, a true God focused family of believers, a purpose for living, peace that surpassing all understanding, a great respect for all of my authorities, Godly examples to follow in this journey of righteous living, a dynamic church leadership, but most importantly, it opened my eyes to the lies of thinking I was going to Heaven because I believed Jesus died on the cross and I did not have to change. GOD says that I must be born again of the Spirit… not my spirit but His Spirit (he gives his spirit to those who obey his every command).

The Weigh Down and Remnnant Fellowship message has given me and my family eternal hope that we can go to bed at night knowing exactly what God wants and not have to worry about what I must do to be saved. I know through this message that God calls us to a relationship with him and to obey all of his commandments to find his will in all things. I also found out through this message, that no form of greed could enter the Kingdom of Heaven ...This revelation scared me to repentance and now I can work out my salvation with fear and trembling with other like minded believers for God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ. If you want a way out of your prison(s) of being “overweight”, weigh down has the keys...Come along and be set completely free! I have learned how to give GOD something I had never given anyone..That is my Whole Heart..I love you GOD!!!! I am forever free from my old life of SIN with the help of Weigh Down. Praise you God for your Son leading me into all truth…Jesus, you are my Hero for life!!!! Thank you, Gwen Shamblin, for teaching me how to love/fear God with every waking moment he provides me with!!!! This is life changing!!

Durville Patton