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Donna Jenkins Testimony

Donna JenkinsBefore Weigh Down I was on medication for a heart condition (palpitations) due to stress. I was not liked at my job, and even had a manager say that if I didn't change she was going to fire me. Although my husband and I did love each other, I was not in love with him. I was not content and was deeply depressed. For lack of a better description, I was a train wreck. Praise God for Gwen and the Weigh Down Ministries! 
Through the Weigh Down seminars and materials, I learned that life wasn't about me, and the palpitations left that very moment never to return. I learned that I needed to submit to my boss, and when I put my supervisor first at work not only did that supervisor give me a superior rating but my current supervisor relies on me. Gwen taught me that I should put my husband above myself, and now I am in love with him and love to spend time with him. My heart is at peace and only sad when I think I've hurt God. To top it all off, I lost 79 pounds. No where else did I find this joy, this peace, this wisdom, and this love for God and others.   I long to dig deeper into putting God first and never go back.

Donna Jenkins