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Debbie Blair Testimony

Debbie BlairIt is a joy to coordinate these online classes for the Weigh Down Workshop, and I am excited to encourage anyone seeking this true path to freedom in Christ. I can testify that before this message of true repentance and obedience to God the Father through Christ that Gwen Shamblin is teaching, my life was going down a destructive path. As a young child I began to make choices that rooted the sins of greed, laziness, selfish ambition, and praise of man deep in my heart, while all along I was attending churches and thought I was seeking salvation. Food was indeed the love of my life. The results of these choices were that by the age of 25, I weighed 240 pounds, my marriage was struggling, and I had no idea how to raise up my children in the way they should go.

To overcome these struggles, I tried dieting and exercise, countless marriage seminars, and how to raise children books, but none of these methods taught me to look inside my own heart and put the teachings of Jesus Christ into practice through repentance and proving my repentance by my deeds. My 20's and 30's brought increasing pain from overweight, failure at all the self-help methods I tried, and depression.

I do praise God for allowing me to find a Weigh Down class and that I did persevere in these teachings!! My eyes were opened to what was really in my own heart and my life has continuously changed from that first class I took over 10 years ago now. God has healed my life in amazing ways such as losing 110 pounds and keeping it off for 5 years now, giving me the love from His Spirit to be a better wife and mother, teaching me to turn from all idleness and laziness to become a more effecient person, showing me to seek only praise from Him and not from man, and my joy in life now is getting out of myself and serving God and others!! A huge part of my testimony is that because of the changes in my own life due to the Weigh Down message, my husband and children followed, and the five of us together have lost over 350 pounds! I am so grateful to have finally found true Christianity, and my prayer is that others can find this way of truth, too.

Debbie Blair