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David Rector Testimony

David & Catherine RectorI was raised by small town parents in a good home. We were your typical American family of four with a two car garage, cats, dogs, in walking distance to the store, grandparents, and school. Any and all problems were absent for all I knew. Things were good, wholesome, and innocent in my mind. I was to do what my parents said or else, I was to be in school, I was to attend church and be good, I was to…well you get the picture. That all changed once the teenage years arrived. It seems I unknowingly was always looking for something but didn’t know what. Didn’t know what to do with the life ahead or why. Didn’t have a reason, purpose, or the direction to get there. No one or no thing was providing answers either. I had big dreams and big ideas which were growing in self-absorption. Good things and good times were always around the corner with the latest fad, possession, entertainment, or idea. But those things would come and go and leave me worse then before. I had no idea or understanding of what life was REALLY about…the result? It was increasingly becoming about ME. After all, there was no one else pointing to a higher calling, a reason to do or be anything else then what I wanted at that moment in time. I was becoming my higher calling to no eternal satisfaction but I continue the attempt. The answer was just around the bend! So I thought.

As the years fly by I increasingly was unable to physically play sports, found that leaving work was more satisfying then being at work, my marriage growing stale, a dependent child growing up like me (self centered), and more…I turned to fill that void with many things that I wanted at any given time. They all failed; money, sports, family, knowledge, things, vacations, and religion. They all failed to provide direction, a clear purpose, a reason to not just exist as I have been my whole life but TO DO, TO BE, TO TRULY LIVE!
It all changed in the year 2001 when my wife took a Weigh Down Advance class. She was changing for the better and growing more joyful. Each day was full of HOPE for her! Later we learned about Remnant Fellowship which sponsors the Weigh Down Workshop. Life was never the same again and I praise God for that!!!
We began to attend the Remnant Fellowship church and take Weigh Down classes. Finally! Now everything is for a clear reason and purpose! I have not only been taught what I’m supposed to do but the how, the reason, the purpose, the love, the heart for why we live each and every day…no mater the circumstances. That purpose is to grow a relationship with God and His Son Jesus Christ! I knew that fact but didn’t grasp the understanding, the wisdom, the how-to, the direction, the purpose until The God is Everything Message from Weigh Down and Remnant Fellowship Churches. Here it is explained and lived out for me to witness; always pointing back to Jesus and up to The Father.  It wasn’t about me anymore but about something more and better.
Every thought is to be captured for Christ, every decision to be made with love for God’s glory, every word spoken to encourage a hurting world to find Him, every action done in service of The Church, every day to be His and all about Him!  To have GOD and His SON JESUS to be my purpose, direction, and focus instead of myself is The Answered Prayer! Praise God for all the past unanswered prayers offered by a selfish heart! Praise God for knowing me better then I knew myself. Praise God for His Son Jesus who showed us the way to the Father and the reason we are to live! To do His will (Matt. 7:21), aim for perfection (2 Cor. 13:11), be a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1), to do all things in love (1 Cor. 13). That’s a life time! and reason enough.

David Rector