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Cindy Kirchner Testimony

Cindy KirchnerMy name is Cindy Kirchner and through applying the message taught in Weigh Down, I've lost 125 pounds and kept it off since 2007! I praise God for this second chance at a relationship with Him - versus the relationship I used to have with food!

I first found the Weigh Down program when I purchased the book, Rise Above by Gwen Shamblin, back in 2000. I knew that this was the right answer to my weight problem because diets just did not work. Prior to this message, I had lost over 100 pounds (and regained it) three times in my life. I had been on Nutrisystem twice, only to regain my weight after reaching my goal. I used to exercise like a fanatic as well, climbing on a Stairmaster at top speed for 45 minutes straight. All the exercise did was to allow me to regain my weight a little more slowly. It certainly was of no value in keeping it off. I had a love affair with food, and no exercise program was going to counteract that.

Once I found the Weigh Down program, I attended classes in the towns in which I worked (I travel out of town every week for my job). I did struggle with losing the weight at first because the message didn't really sink in fully in the beginning. But I kept pursuing this truth and I never gave up, because I knew that would be the worst thing I could do! During an online session of Weigh Down Advanced, I learned of the Remnant Fellowship church which supports Weigh Down and that there was a local group in the town where I was working at the time (Columbus, OH). I attended my first Remnant Fellowship church service via webcast at a member's home, and from that point on the weight started coming off. The fellowship with like minded believers is what made the difference for me. The encouragement and reinforcement I received from others following the same message helped me to replace my relationship with food with a relationship with God.

I love this teaching! It has shown me the way to a relationship with God that I never had before, and now I also have more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. My marriage is better than ever, and I've received many blessings at work due to what I've learned about being under authority. Food no longer calls my name; it is just food! I also do not exercise on a regular basis. Any exercise I do is just for fun.

I encourage everyone to run after this with all you have - It is the only answer! Whatever you do, do not give up! The truth will set you free!

Cindy Kirchner