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Christi Polivka Testimony

Christi Polivka
Hello! My name is Christi Polivka and I have lost over 52 pounds through this awesome program and have kept it off for 4½ years! Praise God! By learning how to seek God for His plan for my eating and putting His way into practice, I lost the weight quickly and felt better over-all physically than I have in years! This is your answer too! I am so excited for you and can’t wait to serve you anyway possible! Besides losing the weight, I can tell you that my life is not the same on any level. Using the principles taught through Weigh Down I have also overcome the need to blame others, moodiness, bitterness, depression, etc. I no longer look to people, circumstances, or things to make me happy but as I have been taught through this program, I look to God and what He wants! I can tell you this life with God makes everything that use to seem so important absolutely fade away!

Christi Polivka