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Carol Whitney Testimony

My name is Carol Whitney and I had been looking to fill the empty hole in my heart all my life. Starting when I was a child in a family of nine children, I felt I never had enough and that I was unwanted, so I looked to the world to fill my needs. In sixth grade, I first looked to cigarettes, then on to marijuana and alcohol, but none of these filled the void. I had always been tall and thin but after high school as my search in the world progressed, the sins of the world had even more of a hold on me – bar hoping, overeating, and the weight came on. At 24, I was convicted of these worldly vices and through 12- step programs stopped the drinking and drug use, but food became my choice to fill the VOID left behind. As I gained weight, I added therapy, dieting, and anti- depressants as an attempt to find peace, but these only added to the guilt or numbed the pain for a short time. 

Any self-help book I could get my hands on ended up on my bookshelf. I would lose some weight, never all of it and no dieting ever produced lasting results. I used food for all sorts of emotions, yet I never associated it with a Biblical greed or as an idol. That book shelf I told you about? The Weigh Down Diet book got added to that shelf. It was there for five years, when one day out of desperation – I had a daughter with weight and emotional issues – I called the number on the back of that book hoping maybe that would help. At the end of the call with a Weigh Down staff member, I decided to take a Weigh Down class with my daughter.  
Wow! How that one class completely turned our lives around and onto the right direction!!! We were so intrigued by Gwen's relationship with God and the other people we saw on the videos, that we made a trip to Tennessee to see if they were real. What I found there was a godly woman who genuinely loved God and wanted us to find that same connection. That is what I found – a connection with God when all the worldly rules wouldn’t work. For the first time in my life the Bible became readable, I finally understood what God wanted - Amazing! And to top it off the weight came off!
There was a time in my life when I was afraid to leave the house without taking food, I was caught up in the self-help and “new Age” ways of thinking – but no other religion filled this void. Now I am free – free of 93 pounds of greed, free from drug addiction, cigarettes, overdrinking, lust, I could go on and on. And my daughter? She has lost her excess weight (55lbs!) and has found stability with her emotions through applying these Biblical teachings too - sparing her from who knows what she might have gotten into if it wasnt for this! In addition, there is true peace in my life and in our home! I give all praise to God for what I have learned through this this ministry, Weigh Down and Remnant Fellowship. Please know that if you are seeking the truth, you will find it!

Carol Whitney