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Carmen Tedder Testimony

Where do I even start? What a journey it has been from 1996 when I attended my very first Weigh Down class. I remember sitting in the orientation, realizing, "Oh my word! This is IT! This makes sense!" I remember sitting in class thinking to myself, "Why is it I have been in church my entire life and no one has EVER told me this?" I cried on the way home from class that night, as I knew I had found the answer to depression and being overweight. I wanted the relationship with God that Gwen Shamblin had and so I set out on a course to obtain it. God made himself SOOO clear to me from the beginning as I began to put into practice everything that Gwen taught in the class videos and materials. I put it into practice and the result was that I DID find GOD and lost 102 pounds. I lost anger, selfishness and greed. The Bible finally started to make sense to me after years of trying to "make" myself read it because I knew I was "supposed" to. I actually enjoy it now and can't wait to have time to dig deeper into the Word as it fills my very heart, mind and soul! I am so grateful to God for allowing me to see and hear the truth, and I am forever grateful to Gwen Shamlin for having the boldness to speak it. Praise God! 

Carmen Tedder
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