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Candace Anger Testimony

Candace AngerI never dreamed I would ever be able to work for this ministry.  I lived in New York City but had completely fallen in love with this program through the Exodus Out of Egypt Class and the Strongholds Class.  The practical teaching of the Word of God, the daily revelations I was receiving, the humor – the beauty of it all- felt like I had found what I had been searching for my whole life.  I always had a weight problem and through Weigh Down lost 55 lbs in a short time (less than 2 years – after being overweight for 20 years- that is quick).  In the summer of 2000, I travelled to Nashville for Desert Oasis.  This was the first time I saw Gwen and the WD Staff live along with many of the testimonies I had gotten to know through the classes.  I was so moved, but more importantly, the teaching that came out of Gwen that weekend began to further change my life and I wanted to know more.  I returned home after Desert Oasis 2000 and shared my enthusiasm with my husband and he quickly caught on.  We visited Nashville as often as we could to fellowship with the staff.  We found ourselves wanting to be around them all the time because of the godly fellowship and the focus on God in their lives.  Personal changes and godly refinement continued to happen to me as I stayed in classes and applied the Word of God to every day life.  Besides losing 55 lbs and being smaller than I ever imagined, I started to mend broken relationships.  The Bible came alive to me and it seemed living and active for the first time.  Questions like “Why am I here?”,  “What is my purpose?”,  “What is a Christian?”,  “What does baptism mean”  “How do you go to Heaven”, “How do you know you are in God’s will?” were being answered.   In 2002, my husband felt led to relocate us here to Franklin, Tennessee to be around Weigh Down Ministries and Remnant Fellowship Church.  We left New York and came down to be around a group of people, who we felt were finding and doing the will of God.  Just before we moved, my husband was offered a job at Weigh Down in the Public Relations department and happily took it.  I started at this time volunteering for Weigh Down twice a week and sticking around the office as much as I could. Gwen was so gracious and often took time with me – counseling me, seeing what I was working on – she helped me so much – a mere volunteer.  Well, soon after that she ended up setting up a desk for me and getting a name plate for me.  I was so moved.  Volunteering at Weigh Down got my mind off myself- off the food and on to the Kingdom of God and the needs of others.  Gwen mentioned one day that she felt I had a gift in marketing.  This was a revelation to me and made sense because every job I had ever had – they would move me into the marketing department.  Kind of like “hunger and fullness” – it makes perfect sense and seems totally obvious but I did not see it until it was pointed out to me.   Well, I loved coming in the office and – to my glee and surprise – I was hired on!  This job is a natural extension of my life and my love.  All day long, I point people to the same materials that set me free.  On the phones and through marketing and media, I pass on the wisdom and instruction I received when I first came on as a participant.  My relationship with God continues to deepen and the Word of God remains to this day so living – not a day goes by that I am not inspired to go further in my love for Him and others. 

Candace Anger