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Barb Parro Testimony

Barb ParroMy testimony is a little different, because I wasn’t overweight all of my life. My overeating began in my thirties as a result of suffering the loss of my parents and two brothers. I not only felt the heartache of losing family members, I also experienced feelings of loneliness and rejection from loved ones.

Through those hard times, I ran to food and with each passing year, I gained weight. I tried every diet available, including exercise, the latest gadgets & diet pills. I would lose a few pounds only to gain it right back, nothing worked. I just became more self-focused in my efforts to lose the extra 25 lbs I had put on.

I took my first class in 2001 and only stuck with it for about 5 weeks. That was the year my mom died so I was distracted. I had success in the beginning but then lost my focus.

In February of 2006 I felt God leading me to dig out my Weigh Down audios again. I couldn’t stop listening to them! I went to the Weigh Down website and spent hours reading the testimonies and was so encouraged that I called the Weigh Down office to get back into a class. I spoke with a precious woman who had a deep passion and love for God and I realized that she had what I had been searching for all of my life. I always loved God ever since I can remember, but it was upside down because it was all about me and what God could do for me and nothing about what God wanted from me! Once in the class I not only lost the weight, but God started showing me other strongholds in my life that I needed to lay down. It was amazing to me that through this program, I not only lost the excess weight, but my relationship with God started to grow deeper. Now I have a purpose in life and God has become my EVERYTHING!

This message has taught me the importance of truly living for God and serving Him with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength! I no longer run to the things of this world for comfort, God is my comfort and He is the only one who gives back!

Barb Parro